Weddings are a big deal to us. We understand that you only get one chance at this day, and we only get one chance to capture it.

Because magic is…well… magic,  it tends to happen at various moments and hours of the day.

We don’t complicate what we do by offering limiting ‘packages’ with certain hours of coverage or certain types of treatments where you have to pay more if you think outside the box – in fact…..we love it if you do! We also understand that couples vary greatly in terms of how much they want to be involved in the creative process so we will meet with you as often as you need to and involve you in the planning and details of your film as much or as little as you like.

Our fee is all inclusive! That’s right-with our trusty cameras always on hand we will spend the entire day with you capturing all of the magical moments as they  unfold  – the fleeting, the funny and even the ones you that will happen without you knowing! Once the music fades and you take off into the sunset as husband and wife, we will personally create a unique cinematic motion piece for you capturing the story of your magical day. Each piece is hand crafted and done so using the most carefully selected motion and music to reflect the style and story of each of our treasured couples.

Message us now to find out more!….we can’t wait to hear from you.

xx M+A